Community Focus: Save $ at the Pump

Posted October 25 2011 in CSRA Focus  //   Comments (0)
Kroger was one of the first grocery stores in the area to offer fuel perks. In short, every time you made a purchase at Kroger totaling more than $100 you could use these rewards to receive 10 cents off of each gallon of gas (in one visit). Kroger wasn’t the only player in the game for long though as many other stores, such as BiLo began offering their own perks programs. Kroger didn’t sit on its laurels for long though. They have recently announced enhancements to their program. For starters, you can now add purchases of various gift cards and prescriptions filled at Kroger to the list of qualifying purchases. Also, you can now choose how to use your points. You can either use all of your points in one visit to save up to a whopping $1.00 per gallon. Or, you can continue to use the points in 10 cent increments. These points can be managed online and you can view balances online or on your receipt at participating stations. We are all for saving $ at the pump so head on over today.

CSRA Focus: June 2011

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The weather here in Augusta has been downright HOT lately with highs well above averages for this time of the year. While forecasters are predicting a cool-ER summer they have missed the mark so far. There are plenty of places to go to stay cool in the Augusta area, the lake, the river neighborhood pools, and the public pool at the YMCA are great options. That being said, those aren’t always feasible for everyone and they aren’t the only solution. For tips on how to stay cool and stay safe this summer check out these tips from the Savannah Morning News by clicking here.

CSRA Focus March 2011

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Spring time brings blooming flowers, evening rain, warmer temperatures, and…in Augusta…it chauffeurs in a little golf tournament every year. While many of Augustans leave town during golf week every year, the majority of us stay behind for one reason or another. Traffic that week can be an absolute nightmare, especially around the golf course. That being said, a little local knowledge and planning ahead can help avoid the traffic jams. Make sure to take a look at the new traffic plan here and plan accordingly. Happy Golf Week folks!!!
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